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  The Xinle Site is located on the plateau on the north side of Longshan Road, Huanghe North Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang City and north of Xinkai River. It is a Neolithic matriarchal settlement site. The Xinle site was discovered in 1973. In order to protect this ancient cultural site that once caused a sensation in Chinese archaeology, in 1982, the Shenyang Municipal People's Government announced the Xinle site as a municipal key cultural relics protection unit. In 1984, the Xinle Site Cultural Administration was established. Mayor Li Changchun cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. In 1986, the Xinle Site Cultural Administration was renamed the Xinle Site Museum. In 1988, the People's Government of Liaoning Province announced the Xinle Site as a provincial cultural relics protection unit. In 2001, the Xinle Site was announced by the State Council as the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. The museum display consists of two parts: the cultural relics exhibition hall and the ruins exhibition area.


  Since its opening 30 years ago, the Xinle Site Museum has received nearly 500,000 experts, scholars and tourists from home and abroad. Gu Mu, Song Renqiong, Chen Muhua, Wang Guangying, Li Tieying, Peng Peiyun and other party and state leaders have come to our museum for inspection, and were successively evaluated by the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, the Shenyang Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, and the National Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Rating Committee "Shenyang City Patriotism Education Base", "AAA National Tourist Attraction", "Liaoning University History Department Education Base", "Tourism Foreign-related Designated Service Unit" and other honorary titles. In May 2013, it was rated as a national secondary museum.


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